Fabric Filters

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems has a license agreement with Balcke-Dürr GmbH, a subsidiary of SPX Corporation, to design and supply fabric filters for the US market.


Hitachi and Balcke-Dürr have been working together for many years in the European market . With a proven track record in dust collection technologies and over 100 fabric filter installations worldwide, our innovative designs focus on increased fabric life, effective cleaning of longer bag technology and lower energy consumption.


Advanced Features of the Fabric Filter

  • Inlet Flap Damper / Flow Diverter
  • Flow Distribution Channels
  • Twin Valve System (patented)
  • Advanced Energy Savings Management System
  • Cleaning Air Pulse Booster
  • Outlet Slide Gate Damper


Inlet Flap Damper/Flow Diverter

  • Oriented vertically to avoid dust buildup
  • Flap acts as turning vane in open position
  • Low maintenance
  • Flow diverter plate directs upward gas flow to promote downward ash collection

Flow Distribution Channels

  • Optimization of gas and particulate distribution
  • Minimizes particulate re-entrainment
  • Optimizing bag arrangement to control gap velocity

Twin Valve System

  • Technology delivers optimum pressure into the Filter Media, in less time with less air volume
  • Completely shop assembled and tested
  • Blow pipe assembly designed for easy alignment, low maintenance, easy removal and no moving components in the gas stream

Advance Energy Saving Management Cleaning System

  • Optimizes cleaning air pressure resulting in longer bag life
  • Optimizes compressed air consumption (saves energy)

Outlet Slide Gate Damper

  • Guillotine damper provides more compact design and lower pressure drop

Cleaning Air Pulse Booster (Venturi)

  • Top of supporting cage with pulse booster for long filter bags
  • Designed for optimum long bag cleaning

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