Flue Gas Desulfurization, FGD

A global company with over 40 years experience in power generating station air quality control improvements including 79 (8 in the US) FGD projects worldwide.


Environmental control is an ongoing challenge and we are determined to further our discoveries. Our R&D laboratories are focused on delivering emission control solutions for today and tomorrow.

Mitsubishi Hitachi FGD Technology

Advanced Open Spray Tower

Emission Control

  • SO2
  • SO3
  • HCl and HF
  • Hg
  • Particulates

Design and Supply

EPC on Total Installed Basis Including Commissioning

Competitive Advantages


  • Compact plant design – small “footprint”
  • 79 WFGD units (29 GW) applied to full range of fuels
  • SO2 inlet from 500 ppm to 4000 ppm
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Single absorber up to 1300 MW
  • Removal of SO2 at 4000 ppm level is over 99%


R&D Initiatives:

  •  High Performance emissions reduction designed for compatibility with CO2 capture systems
  •  Computational fluid dynamic modeling
  •  Mercury Oxidation & Removal
  •  Sulfuric Acid Mist Removal


Absorber Attributes:

  •  Optimized for minimum footprint and lowest operating cost
  •  Excellent gas/liquid contact
  •  High forced oxidation efficiency
  •  Maximum turndown and unrestricted ramp rate


Optimum Spray Zone Velocity:

  •  Improves SO2 Removal
  •  Reduces Absorber Diameter


Spray Flux Density Profile:

  •  Reduces Absorber Heights
  •  Improves Gas Distribution


Reaction Tank Solids:

  •  Maximizes Absorption and Reaction of SO2
  •  Permits Single Stage Dewatering


Minnesota Power Clay Boswell Unit 3

Location: Cohasset, MN


Scope: SCR and wet FGD designed to reduce SO2 by 98% and NOx emissions to a level of 0.05 lb/106BTU. The project scope includes the SCR reactor and catalyst, wet FGD absorber and interconnecting ductwork.

Ameren Duck Creek, Coffeen, Sioux (Multi-Unit Upgrade)

Location: Coffeen - Coffeen, IL

Duck Creek - Canton, IL

Sioux - West Alton, MO


Scope: Five limestone, forced oxidation and wet FGD systems designed to reduce SO2 emissions by 99%. The project scope includes reagent preparation and complete absorber islands.

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