G Series



The G-Series gas turbine technology is based on the F-Series design with a wide range of incremental design enhancements, such as an improved compressor design, state-of-the-art combustor cooling, and advanced blade path seals among others.


Air-Cooled Offering

The M501GAC gas turbine, is an air-cooled durative of the G Series model, providing greater power output and higher efficiency than the F-class gas turbines.  It also provides more flexibility than a steam-cooled unit as well as faster ramping, faster start-up, and lower emissions.

Combustor Options



The M501G combustion system was one of the first steam-cooled, low NOx combustors on the market. It has operated successfully since 1997 at a higher level of performance then the F-Class fleet in operation and serves as the design basis of the larger steam cooled M501J gas turbine.



The M501GAC combustion system provides greater power output, higher efficiency, more flexibility, faster start-up, and lower emissions than the steam cooled model.



The M501GAC-Fast meets the evolving challenges facing today’s central power stations as our power grid becomes increasingly more complex, with the rise of renewable energy resources and the growing interaction between supply and demand. Its ability to start-up within 10 minutes and quickly provide 270 MW of power to the grid proves that flexibility and efficiency are not mutually exclusive.


*Combined Cycle, 1 on 1 configuration.

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