The Reliable H-25 Series

The H-25 Series gas turbines are based on a rugged, single-shaft, heavy-duty type frame gas turbine design that has been successfully applied since 1988 in the oil & gas, as well as the power generation industry. The H-25 fleet is highly reliable and mature, with over 5,000,000 actual fleet operating hours.


Picture: H-25 Package (cold end drive)


As the most mature gas turbine of the H group, the H-25(28) gas turbine has been in operation since 1988.



The H-25(32) gas turbine was derived from the H-25(28) with incremental modifications to the compressor design and a slight increase in firing temperature. It has been in operation for over a decade.



The H-25(35) gas turbine was derived from the H-25(32) with incremental modifications to the compressor design, which resulted in an additional three MW and an ISO rating of 35MW; the first of this unit uprates started commercial operation in 2009.



A new, uprated H-25 gas turbine is available with an ISO rating of 42MW and a significantly improved simple cycle efficiency of 37.2%. This uprate is based on the mature design of the smaller H-25 models, with modifications to the design of the turbine section, while the compressor and combustor design, including firing temperature, remained substantially the same as the H-25(35) model.

H-25 Series Performance

*Combined Cycle, 1 on 1 configuration.


The H-100 gas turbine was originally named “H-80” and, as of April 1, 2015 has been re-named “H-100” to better reflect its capacity class. The H-100 was introduced in January 2010, when the first unit went into commercial operation at the Shin-Oita Power Station of the Kyushu Electric Power Company, Inc. in Japan.


In order to meet the North American market demands for flexibility and low NOx emissions, several modifications of the original H-100 have been implemented that make the H-100 an ideal candidate for peaking and load stabilization applications: A single digit NOx combustor is available that was adopted from MHPS’ larger, advanced 501G/J gas turbines, and a fast-start option allows a 10 minute gas turbine start from ignition to full load.


Due to its high exhaust energy, the H-100 is very suitable for combined cycle and cogeneration applications and achieves combined cycle plant ISO efficiencies over 56%, which is best-in-class for mid-size combined cycle plants. Moreover, the two-shaft design and associated high starting torque and variable speed range of the H-100 makes it an ideal driver for industrial equipment, such as liquefied natural gas refrigeration compressors.

Picture: H-100 Package

H-100 Series Performance

*Combined Cycle, 1 on 1 configuration.

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