BHK Super-Critical BENSON Boiler

BENSON Boiler Advantages

Higher thermal efficiency

Full steam temperature controllability over a wide load range, thus taking wide range of coal quality

Faster start-up and cooling down of the boiler

High reliability for emergency load runback

Operation is as easy as Drum boiler


Advantages of Spiral Water Wall

High Reliability of Water Wall Tube
Spiral water wall with ribbed tubes achieves an equalization of furnace exit fluid temperature

Proven Operating Record
Spiral Water Wall has a proven operating record when applied with Opposed Firing. The probability of tube failures is minimized

Low Water System Pressure Drop
With no orifices, proper pressure loss and flow balance is easy to maintain

High Stable Operation
Spiral W/W uses a high mass velocity design, therefore, heat transfer and flow, outlet fluid temperature is not affected by sudden changes in pulverizer or burner operation

Easy Boiler Commissioning
With no orifices, there is no need to adjust the tube flow during startup and testing

Maintenance Free
With no orifices, scaling is eliminated as a maintenance issue to maintain proper flow

Performance Evaluation
High Mass velocity achieves higher heat transfer

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