Turbine Outage Support

Comprehensive steam turbine maintenance services combine experienced field personnel and proven, vast experience with reliable parts and quality repairs to support service challenges across a broad range of manufacturers.


MHPS' goal is to reduce outage durations with an ultimate focus on increasing availability and profitably for power providers across the Americas.


Service Solutions

MHPS offers competitive cost-effective support meeting the highest industry quality standards.




Responsive Support

Comprehensive and rapid response field service solutions utilizing experienced personnel applying safe practices to meet schedule and quality requirements.


Safety is foremost as confirmed by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems’ consistently outstanding safety record. In addition, dedicated project management and extensive pre-outage planning are the keys to MHPS’ long history of successful outage execution at both nuclear and conventional plants.


MHPS offers the “100,000 Hour Life Assessment Inspection” to examine the effects of age deterioration on steam turbines. This inspection provides the current condition of the turbine along with recommendations and improvements to address and mitigate the performance and efficiency losses.


Field Service Solutions

Turnkey Outage Services

Rotor Welding & Machining

Stationary Component Welding & Machining

Blading Replacement

Valve Inspection, Repair & Calibration

Vibration Testing & Analysis

Generator Inspection & Repair

Dynamic Rotor Balancing

NDE with Engineering Analysis

Technical Advisory Services




Advanced 3D Design

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems provides a wide variety of Steam path upgrades for MHPS technology Steam Turbines as well as wide range of other manufacturers. In addition to 1100 Mitsubishi-designed units in operation, MHPS has manufactured over 400 new steam turbine units incorporating design features resulting from the 40-year co-development effort between Mitsubishi & Westinghouse. The MHPS approach has evolved from a thorough analysis of the blading and other fleet operating issues, culminating in improved designs, particularly our interlocked integral shroud blades (ISB). Through extensive ongoing R&D efforts, MHPS developed and continues to refine our three dimensional blade designs to provide the most efficient and durable blade paths.


Improved Reliability & Extended Performance

Our new cylinder, blade ring and seal carrier designs maintain the blade path alignment and sealing efficiency by avoiding thermal distortion. Through advanced 3D modeling the thermal growth of the new stationary components matches the thermal growth of the rotor to maintain tight seal clearances. Our advanced ISB blades provide high damping characteristics to allow a full range of operating load even at high backpressure conditions. This robust design and the absolute requirement to test all new technologies in our in-house facility have resulted in the long term reliable performance of our replacement components.


Turnkey Installation

To assure the smoothest installation of our replacement rotors and stationary components, MHPS provides turnkey installation including startup support. We provide single point dedicated project management from contract signature through final acceptance testing.




Proven Performance

MHPS supplies industry leading durable and reliable steam turbine parts. Lost performance and efficiency due to years of deterioration can be recovered with in-kind or upgraded steam path components. Valve subassemblies and upgraded valve components are available to reduce outage duration and improve reliability.


Reliable Parts

Forged Blades

Machined Blades

Active Clearance Control Seals

Leaf Seals

Valve Subassemblies and Components

Bolting and Fasteners


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